No license required to buy or use!

Direct replacement for 134a and other R12 substitutes!

Environmentally friendly!

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When you need parts to repair or maintain your air conditioner on your vehicle, look no further than FM Distributing, Inc.  We carry everything you need to recharge any system.  From your car/truck to your tractor/combine, to your house or industrial coolers.  

Enviro-Safe Refrigerant replaces 134A and other R12 substitutes.  No license is required to buy or use!    

6oz of Enviro-Safe Refrigerant will replace 16oz of 134a or 18oz of R12!

Enviro-Safe Refrigerant is the refrigerant of the future.  In many countries new air conditioning and refrigeration manufacturing is being geared towards hydrocarbon technologies because of their energy savings and minimal effect on our environment.  Energy savings of up to 40% over the chemical refrigerants are common.  

Enviro-Safe Refrigerant cools faster, better, and is easy to install and maintain in all of your systems.  Remember, there is nearly three times as much 134A in the same air conditioning system as there is Enviro-Safe.

We carry a full line of Refrigerant/Refrigerant With Dye, Additives, and Equipment.  

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