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Direct replacement for 134a and other R12 substitutes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Enviro-Safe Refrigerant?

Enviro-Safe™ Refrigerant is a proprietary blended ultra high efficient hydrocarbon refrigerant direct replacement for HFC-134a and R-12 Substitutes.

Can I mix Enviro-Safe Refrigerant with R-12 or HFC-134a?

For locations within the United States:
NO! Although mechanically there is NO risk of incompatibility or damage, there is legislation in place that prohibits such acts. The US EPA prohibits the mixing of ANY refrigerant within the United States. In the United States, it is illegal to mix any two or more refrigerants no matter what brand it is. Having stated that - Enviro-Safe Refrigerant IS a replacement for HFC-134a & other CFC-12 Substitutes.

For locations outside the United States:
YES! At the time of this publication, Enviro-Safe is not aware of any country, with the exception of the United States, that does not allow mixing of refrigerants. Enviro-Safe does recommend, however, that you research your local, state and/or federal laws concerning refrigerant.

Is it legal to use Enviro-Safe Refrigerant in automotive applications?

Yes, in most countries throughout the world.

However, in the United States, the US EPA adopted the SNAP (Significant New Alternative Policy) concerning R12 systems, global warming and ozone depletion. Pre-1994 mobile air conditioning systems operated on CFC R12, which has been ruled environmentally unsafe because it contributes to global warming and ozone depletion. All R12 systems must be retrofieed prior to using any alternative or environmentally safe refrigerant. Please note: In the United States, Enviro-Safe Refrigerant is not a drop in replacement for R12.

Enviro-Safe Refrigerant may be used to replace HFC 134a and R12 substitutes in the majority of states within the United States. Enviro-Safe advises that you refer to your local, state and federal laws governing the sale and use of any refrigerant.

What is the difference between Enviro-Safe™ Refrigerant and HFC-134a or R-12?

Enviro-Safe™ Refrigerant is an all-natural, non-ozone depleting material and has no global warming potential. Enviro-Safe™ Refrigerant is organic and has NO impurities. In fact, it is so pure, it is classified as a pharmactical grade product! R-12 and HFC-134a are man-made chemical refrigerants that do not utilize all natural products. R-12 has both high global warming and high ozone deletion. HFC-134a does not effect the ozone, but it does have a very high global warming potential according to reports.

Is Enviro-Safe™ Refrigerant approved by the USEPA?

Enviro-Safe Refrigerant does not fall under or within the guidelines set forth by Congress concerning global warming or ozone depletion because it is an environmentally safe, non-global warming and non-ozone depleting product.

According to the US EPA website, under the SNAP rule, the EPA regulates/reviews substitutes for CFC R12. Direct replacements for CFC R12 are called "first generation" substitutes. HFC 134a is a replacement for R12 because it does not threaten the ozone layer and, therefore, it is a "first generation" replacement. Enviro-Safe Refrigerant is considered a "second generation" substitute for HFC 134a and other CFC R12 substitutes.

Therefore, Enviro-Safe Refrigerant does not require "approval" to be used or sold as a HFC 134a or other CFC R12 substitute.

Can I lower “head pressure” in my air conditioning system by using Enviro-Safe™ Refrigerant?

Yes! Enviro-Safe™ Refrigerants can extend equipment and component life by lowering compressor “head pressure” up to 33%. In most cases, Enviro-Safe™ Refrigerants is capable of delivering energy savings and will result in a considerable reduction in operating costs!

Is Enviro-Safe™ Refrigerant compatible with all refrigerant oils?

Yes, Enviro-Safe™ is totally compatible with all refrigerant oil available today. It can be used with Mineral, Ester and PAG oils without incompatibility.

Are Enviro-Safe™ Refrigerants corrosive to air conditioning systems?

No! Enviro-Safe™ Refrigerants are non-corrosive, and do not form acids in combination with system moisture.

Is Enviro-Safe™ Refrigerant flammable?

Enviro-Safe™ Refrigerant is flammable to an open flame or spark and is rated as a Flammable Gas 2. This means there is a moderate chance of fire or flame. However, flammable products are used every day within the household, business and in automobiles.

Aerosol products such as hairspray, room deodorizers, under arm deodorant, penetrating oil, WD 40, etc are all classed as a flammable and are used all over the USA and the world as a safe product in home and automotive used when used as per manufacture directions. Hairspray = Flammable 3, Gasoline = Flammable 4, Starting Fluid = Flammable 4, Enviro-Safe™ Refrigerant = Flammable 2. Enviro-Safe Refrigerant can be used safely in automobiles just like other flammable automotive products required in vehicle operation. All flammable products require your respect, adequate precaution and safe use practices. Follow all directions on the can or label.

Does Enviro-Safe™ Refrigerant carry a Product Guarantee?

Definitely! Enviro-Safe™ is guaranteed not to harm air conditioning compressors or other related mechanical equipment when used in accordance with Enviro-Safe™ directions.

Is Enviro-Safe™ Refrigerant environmentally safe?

Absolutely! Enviro-Safe™ Refrigerants are organic, non-ozone depleting, non-toxic compounds. These type of refrigerants are endorsed by the GreenPeace organization and are in full compliance with the UN Montreal Protocol.

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