No license required to buy or use!

Direct replacement for 134a and other R12 substitutes!

Environmentally friendly!

Stop Fyre Extinguishers, THE WORLDS BEST FIRE EXTINGUISHERS do just what their name says, they put out fires quickly and without any messy powders that will corrode and ruin valuable components. Instead of dry chemicals that can't always reach the fire source, Stop Fyre uses a blend of fire surpressing gases that are attracted to the heat and will smother a fire by removing the oxygen. It's amazing to watch how swiftly a fire will go out using Stop Fyre. That's why they have been endorsed as the official fire extinguisher of the National Tractor Pullers Association. They are now carried on the belts of all track officials and they have stated they have never seen anything put out a tractor fire so fast and effective.

Farmers are the largest users of Stop Fyre Extinguishers by far because they operate equipment in dusty dirty conditions and if a fire begins it can quickly be out of control before any help can arrive. With Stop Fyre in the cab of the combine, tractor or truck you will easily be able to attack the fire even if it is in a hard to reach place that dry powders would fail. The gases will draw in towards the flame and put it out from a safe distance.

Best of all, Stop Fyre Extinguishers need NO SERVICING EVER. They are always ready to use, just pull the pin, point and squeeze the large handle. They are light weight and easy enough for a child to use. They do not even need servicing after several small uses but when they reach a certain weight they should be sent in for refilling. The gases never expire and that's why each Stop Fyre comes with a lifetime guarantee. No questions asked, even if you break it yourself, we will replace or repair it at no cost to you. You buy Stop Fyre once and keep it for life until you need it and have the peace of mind knowing that you have the best extinguisher that money can buy ready and waiting for a time that you hope never comes.

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